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Penne Low Carb 250g


Designed for everyone, from those who follow a ketogenic diet for the minimum content of carbohydrates, to sportsmen for the right protein intake or simply for lovers of well-being.

With its delicate taste, Linea6 pasta adapts to any sauce, making it a completely healthy substitute for traditional pasta.

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Linea 6 is a fibre-based pasta entirely free of flour, with only 2.5g per 100! Manufactured for everyone, from the ketogenic person to one who intakes minimum carbohydrates, to a sportsperson to simply who loves a fit body.

It is a dry pasta with a reduced caloric volume of just 58g of fibre in 100g of product. Linea 6 pasta is composed chiefly of tapioca starch, wheat protein, and vegetable fibre. This low-sugar product enables the buyers to make healthier choices in terms of a healthy lifestyle.

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