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EatAnyTime – Chick Peas Peri Peri


Being covered with dark chocolate, coconut orange protein balls serve as healthier options to curb your sweet temptations with a dash of sour striking the perfect balance.

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As a part of EAT Anytime’s Mindful Munchies, Chickpeas Peri Peri is making the chana lip-smackingly delicious.

It’s African flavour- Peri Peri is here to spice up your tongue and build on slowly to leave you with a hot and spicy experience. If you have ever loved peri peri fries, we are sure this healthy counterpart won’t disappoint you. Super spicy peri peri chana are sure to make you longing for more even if you can’t handle any more spice.

If your goal is to lose weight, chickpeas serve as great munching options as they are rich in fiber. Also, diabetics can munch on these mindful munchies without worrying about it taking a shot at your blood sugar levels as the low Glycemic Index (GI) ensures that there are no large increases in the levels. They are also protein-rich, which helps and supports muscle growth. 

Every 100g serving gives you the energy of 365 Kcal with over 16g protein. Being naturally gluten free, chana has plenty of health benefits. They are also vegan friendly as they are plant based protein.

A pack of Peri Peri Chickpeas is ideal to keep for those midnight movie marathons or mid-meal munching.

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Box of 1 – 6 Bars,


Chickpeas, Rice Bran Oil, Peri Peri Seasoning, Himalayan Pink Salt

Brand Story

EAT Anytime aims at promoting a healthier lifestyle among the masses. Each product is made with the idea of giving you the rite bite every time you want to indulge in something delicious but healthy. 

There are many out there who are constantly looking for healthier options. Earlier in the day, only athletes, gym-goers, trekkers and like people would require such options. But today, more and more commoners are switching. They are switching to healthier options in the view of various health related risks that are associated with unhealthy snacking.


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